Old people in my country say that a man falls in love with a woman because of her cooking skills. Well, if that it’s true then Green Lion just created some wifey material here. Ha! Just kidding, do not ever get married kids! Okay, I am going to be serious now. Remember how I told you on my previous post about Green Lion? Well, we just had our cooking class and OH-MY-GOD! We learnt how to cook Thai food! How cool is that? I’m seriously impressed with this program so far. They are teaching us so many useful things! Like, we can finally be adults and cook at least two decent Thai dishes. Bye, bye 99-cent pizza slices and cereal!

It was a 45-minute class with our amazing chef. She cooks for us every single day and her food is delicious. So, we had nothing but the best guidance for our class. We learnt how to cook Som Tom and Pad Thai.


What is Som Tom?

Som tom is perhaps Thailand’s most famous salad. Garlic and peppers are first pounded with a mortar and pestle. Be careful with this though, mine was super spicy because I thought those small peppers weren’t spicy; how dumb was I.  Lime juice, Soy sauce, peanuts, tomatoes, sugar cane paste, string beans an green papaya. You mix everything on the mortar and WALA! You have an amazing Thai salad.


It is amazing how easy was this salad to make and it turned out to be super delicious, even if most of us didn’t have any previous cooking experience.

What is Pad Thai?

You have to live under a rock if you don’t know what Pad Thai is. Okay, to be honest with you I didn’t know until I came to Thailand. I’m sorry. I’m just one of those people that play safe when it comes to food. I have changed though, I promised.

Anyways, Pad Thai is the most famous dish in Thailand and a lot of foreigners dream about eating it here. Or that’s what I heard. But how awesome is to learn how to cook Thailand’s most famous dish with native Thai people while traveling the country? That should be in every travelers bucket list! Thanks Green Lion for making our dreams come true, even if we didn’t know we were dreaming about it!

Pad Thai Ingredients

The dish consists on fried rice noodles, egg, green onions, bean sprouts, garlic, pepper, and peanut. I could tell you how to make it, but it’s better if you join Green Lion’s team and learn how to make it! This is how our final dish looked like:


I do think that it looks like the one’s on the restaurants and it was definitely so delicious!

I seriously had so much fun preparing these dishes and it’s the most decent lunch I have cooked for the last 2 years. It is amazing how food can connect you so much to a culture. Have you ever cooked any dish from Thailand? Or perhaps from a different culture? Let me know on the comments!

Scroll down to see some pictures about us cooking. Don’t forget to check out the Green Lion’s Instagram account.



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